Free Riders ~ Sean Koch

As the first in a series of featurettes I have decided to write about my good friend Sean Koch – Musician, R.A.T, Surfer.

In this day and age, many people have the wits, talent and creativity to manifest a lifestyle which blends and balances fun and passion between hours of solid and challenging work. Many others fall into the rutted tracks of screens, desks and coffee machines with only 2 out of 7 days to satisfy the road tripping, fun-loving, late sleeping cravings.

Sean ‘Stif’ Koch has found this balance. In spite of being a Kommetjie special who once worried his friends and family with his particular brand of utterly hilarious weirdness, he has grown into an “on it”, open and loving chap. Finding surfing at a young age, the natural rhythm of the sea tuned him into music and he began playing the Djembe drum and the guitar. He also found an inner poet and this led to constructing songs written out of inspiration drawn from personal experiences, the surroundings of mountain, family, friends and sea

A couple of years back the reality and necessity of earning a living kicked in, as it does and following advice and encouragement forged a pathway to the black gold Oil Industry, as a rope access technician otherwise known as a R.A.T. After a few rotations offshore, he bought an amp and a microphone. One day I got a message with a phone recording of his first track, written and performed in what is widely known as “The Cabon”. The next three recordings popped up on SoundCloud and everyone loved it. Then he got a call from the much loved and well-respected Ryan of The Little Kings, “would he like to open for them at The Cape Farmhouse?” Hell yes he would!

So, one windless, sunshiney day in the Deep South on a wine farm tucked into the Red Hill mountain a couple kays out from Scarborough village, Sean strummed, picked and sang his first real live show to an excited and appreciative audience made up of friends, family and the colourful crowd that culminates at these popular events. Being a bundle of nerves, he had to restart a couple of tracks but I personally think it’s also because he’s a bit of a perfectionist and wanted the sound to be just right. The crowd responded really well to the soulful and clean sound he brings which had an instant impact, bringing young and old to their feet for a mellow sing a long wiggle. It was the perfect way to begin his live music journey and the support and love he got was characteristic of what he puts out in his music and his personality.

And there you have it. A light which has been burning for some time has ignited into a steady flame and may it grow into a blazing bonfire.

As Sean’s brother Ryan always says “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”

Much love, good luck and guidance, brother!

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