SEAN KOCH TRIO: Natural Projection E.P

We queue on the suspended steps. The thick walls and structural geometry of the Waiting Room restricts sound from wandering into the hall. Heightening the anticipation.

We’re waiting for the Sean Koch Trio’s debut show and E.P launch to begin.

A visible façade of joy exudes from the three longhaired, artsy surfer boys that merge onto the stage. The capacity packed crowd moves like sunflowers following the sun. With a lively welcome, introduction and acknowledgment the trio kicks off with Natural Projection. Upbeat and intricately layered we’re subtly swept into the singer-songwriter’s personal workings and world. The Trio and featured guests had us jamming all night long.

I left feeling inspired and now required the physical product. This would prove difficult as everyone else had the same idea and it was flying out like hot melted caramel pancakes.

So a couple of weeks later Sean and I met up on a hot, windswept evening in Woodstock. He’d just finished an audition for an international promoter, at her request. The light sparkles in his eyes, infectiously. A man riding high on the wave of destiny.

Proudly and with reverence he hands over a copy of Natural Projection, taking care to display the signed inner sheaf. “Dear brother Brett, Keep the fire burning!” signed by Sean Koch, Ross Hillier & Shaun Cloete.

The 5 track selection opens with Flow, a pacey African influenced rhythm spiced with uplifting, honest lyrics. Nature and its positive effects are clearly Sean’s remedies. Then the listener is melancholically roped into a heart felt tale of a broken man, his daughter and finally the relief of redemption. The tempo rises and falls reminding the listener of the Trio’s ocean connection. Sean’s story telling style is without fault, using words simply and effectively to evoke vision and emotion. “I’m happy to see the light back in your eyes, the green of the mountains, the blue of the seas and the knowledge you once passed down to me.” To ease our broken hearts we’re slung into Good Times Keep Rolling. Collaborating with the Grassy Spark boys, their stoked reggae vocal layers strengthen the message of the song. In a nutshell, we are all responsible for our own happiness! Welcome to the Light centres the listener, bringing the amp levels back to a steady, thoughtful murmur. The welcome intro is sincere and warm, just like Sean’s friends and family from Kommetjie’s Deep South. Light-fingered classical guitar work draws your attention. The vibrant addition of violin and cello overlays effectively demand this track be taken seriously.

Finally, Lift You up. It’s definitely in a class of its own. I foresee this track being a pillar of the Sean Koch Trio’s evolving sound. Modern, with characteristic vocal tones, layered acoustic instruments and rolling bass beats, literally lifting the listener up.

To your feet, very enthusiastically in fact.

In conclusion Natural Projection is fresh. It’s opening doors and fulfilling expectations. Creating hype and exposure. The genre is breaking ground in SA and is headlined worldwide by artists like Xavier Rudd and Nahko & Medicine for the People.

There is always room for talent and clearly the Sean Koch Trio has it in abundance.

Albert Einstein said “ I often think in music, I live my daydreams in music.”

if you’re lucky enough to experience this, my advice would be to listen to Natural Projection wholeheartedly. And just let the good times keep rolling.

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