Sustainable Surfboards

We’ve partnered with two talented surfboard producers to offer a range of high performance, durable and eco-friendly surfboards! Roll the Bones is proud to be the Cape Town representative.

Shaped by Frank Oberholzer and glassed by Chippa Williams deep in the South Coast jungle of KZN, South Africa. Frankie is the owner of the most raw surfing talent that South Africa has ever produced. He was tutored in the art of surfboard craft by Peter Daniels, also a Saffa native, and Frank’s equivalent in terms of refined shaping talent.

Chippa, meanwhile, has developed a progressive and tested lamination technique. He combines hemp cloth, carbon, and Supasap bio resin to produce stronger, more durable and far less toxic surfboards. The nature of the hemp is of course natural and organic which results in a flex pattern that possesses superior wave energy distribution (speed) when laying into the rail.

Together, we are surfer’s who care deeply for the ocean and earth environment, and are acutely conscious of the destructive effects resulting from irresponsible disposal of our surf equipment and the accompanying industrial byproduct activity. Equally important to us is the direct health threat on the surfboard manufacturers posed by the constant use of polystyrene foam and polyester resin.

The designs are all Peter Daniels’ and used under license by Frank Oberholzer.

This model is the Wicked Tuna. A super versatile all round board that can easily handle hollow, fast and demanding wave conditions.

On the long walls of Elands Bay it felt really good to extend the bottom turn into a drawn out arc with the occasional fin release to bring you right back into the power source.

Although I had the option of the 5 fin FCSII setup, I set 3 fin’s for this session. The smile says it all.

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All Photography © Jani Steyn

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