“Waves” by Jeremy Loops

Music and the ocean have long held a synonymous space. The flowing journey formed by the tides, the motion of the currents and the natural beauty of the aquatic ambience all culminate in the creation of the ultimate ocean expression; Waves.

Photo © Naude Heunis

This is similarly experienced when listening to music; the awakening of the senses, the stirring of emotions and memories, all skillfully established by the artist using “riffs”, “bars” and “notes”. It’s the combined flow of these carefully forged compositions that creates the musical journey we know and love.

Every top artist has a seminal moment in their career. With this release, it’s safe to predict that Jeremy and his band are going to be making more waves than Bitcoin. The laid back South African has employed his passion for surfing and love for music to major success with the maiden release of his single “Waves”. Piping hot, straight off his debut full length album which is scheduled for released in March 2018. Yeah!

Photo © Francis Moult

Roll The Bones caught up with Jerry on the eve of the “Waves” worldwide release and found him feeling loose, excited and humbled by the process unfolding around him.

RTB: Where did the inspiration for writing “waves” arise from?

Jeremy Loops: When I began writing this second album, I was in a bit of a funk. Just so, so tired, and also feeling all this pressure to deliver new tunes. So, really, I just began running away from the pressure of having to deliver by just surfing all day. What actually began happening was the more time I spent in the water, the more relaxed I became, and every night I’d go home, pick up the guitar, and ideas would just come pouring to me. Waves was one of the first songs to come in that time, and the theme of water runs really strongly through this album.

RTB: Tell us about the conceptualization of the shoot, where and a bit about the experience?

JL: We wanted it shot in clear clear blue water because we kept picturing these beautiful, lush, underwater shots. I also figured, if I was going to put together a budget for a video, I’d make it a work retreat because 2016 and 2017 slammed my team. Mozambique has some of the most beautiful water in the world, and with it being a short drive from Joburg, it made sense to do it out there. The bigger shoot concept just came together as we began fleshing out the story for it.

Photo © Ben Brown

RTB: How does surfing relate to your creative process?

JL: Surfing helps me relax, and really it helps me reconnect. I think the more at one with nature I feel, the better I am able to think, and clear thinking makes the creative process so much easier.

RTB: Where does the swell take Jeremy Loops & Co from here?

JL: From hereon, upwards hopefully! We’ve worked so hard on this new material, and we’re all so proud of it. We’re just so happy to have it in people’s hands, and can’t wait to see how it connects with the world at large.

Watch the “Waves” music video below:


*Cover Image © Taahir Matthews

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