Surfing on Seeds with Dave Rastovich

As the collective effort to forge a sustainable future gathers momentum, across the spectrum, from the World Economic Forum’s experts to prominent surfboard shaper’s, it appears we’re making some optimistic discoveries.

It’s early days but, so far, flax fabric is proving to be a leader in terms of impact strength and “shelf life” durability. Although these boards and the techniques used to create them are still being surf tested and experimented with, the preliminary results will get even the biggest “resin heads” excited.

Even here in South Africa there’s action on the natural fabric front. But more on that to come…

In the meantime; enjoy this educational clip, “Quivered” of Rasta breaking down his quiver of gorgeous, flax laminated, Gary McNeill originals.

Quivered from Nathan Oldfield on Vimeo.

Cover image © Donnie Hedden


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