The Journey from Concept to Carve


Traditionally, artists have been defined as people who create paintings, sculptures or drawings as a profession or hobby. But, the digital age has revolutionized the meaning of being an artist. Surfboard shapers are also artists, and there has been never been more evidence supporting this than there is right now.

Introducing two of our very own hybrid humans exploring the overlaps between the surf and design worlds.

Teager Eales is one of the new age artists operating in the realm of design and brand identity conceptualization. He is an innovative, cross-platform design solutions expert and he teamed up with local shaper, Henry Chomper, who epitomizes the new generation of shapers, to produce this rad edit and pull off a sick concept.

Their idea was to test the the principles of an “Exchange of trade” or EoT. The concept of an EoT is a great way to get something without physically exchanging money. Rather by exchanging talents or products with a similar value.

ROLL THE BONES caught up with Teager for a chat about the process and the outcome…

RTB: So, Teager, how did the collaboration come about?

Teager: We were surfing Llands one day and I saw Henry riding this interesting shaped board. We started chatting and it turned out he had also been recently interested in the branding work I’d been doing and was needing my services for his surf craft company.Before we knew it the project had started.

RTB: Where did the idea for a film come from?

Teager: We thought this project would be something people could find interesting and it would have great visuals to show. I had previously done an exchange of trade job with videographer Chris Joubert, whereby I did his branding from him and in return he would help out with some film editing, so this was the perfect opportunity.

RTB: So sick. So, where do you find the similarities between surfing and design?

Teager: I tend to get bored of the things pretty quickly, but surfing excites me because every session is different, every wave has a new line to carve. You can approach a session aggressively on a short board thruster setup or in a relaxed unconventional way on a single fin, etc. I don’t think I’ve ever ridden a wave the same way before and I love this freedom. The same can be said for my design approach. My field of design is in Branding for start-ups and rebranding for existing companies. I have always thought that no two brands should be alike and Uniqueness is of the utmost importance.So every branding job requires a new design approach which I find very stimulating.

RTB: Do you plan on doing future collabs?

Teager: 100%. There are so many positive aspects to collaborating. Its a great way to get exposure through someone else’s network when sharing the project on social media.Generally you know the person personally or through an acquaintance or have done some research on the person before you dive into a collab. So these jobs mostly have a very relaxed atmosphere.

RTB: What are your thoughts on Trade Exchanges?

Teager: There are so many ways you can structure the exchange of trade so the customizable side to it has a lot of opportunity. Generally speaking though, It’s a great way to get something that you need without having to fork out cash and that works for both sides.

Watch the film below:

If you dig what Henry, Teager and Chris have done feel free to share!

Concept to Carve from Chris Joubert on Vimeo.


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