Africa Clockwise

“There were three main reasons: we wanted to travel as sustainably as we could before we got too old to enjoy it; we wanted to show our kids Africa so they would grow up connected to the continent they were born in, not more familiar with imported culture; but mostly we wanted to ‘seize the day’ and hang out with them while they were still young enough to think we were cool.

Capturing the Essence of SA Surf Culture

There are multitudes of unheralded heroes in the South African surfing community. Absolute diamonds strewn up and down the east and west coastlines. These are the salty legionnaires that colour and weave the rich tapestry of SA surf culture. Sounds like an intriguing, and somewhat mysterious tribe, right? Yep. So, we developed a concept designed to discover the …

The Beginning.

In the beginning it was all laughter and fun, an unparalleled energy and freedom of youth. Expressed with heart and soul by spending every spare minute in the ocean, till your heart beats with the same pulse that radiates from the deep beyond… As time goes on, the experience evolves into something more internal and …